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motivation 发音:/ mt've n mt've n ; motven / 英 / mt've n / 释义:eagerness and willingness to do something without needing to be told or forced to do it 动力,积极性,动机.例如:Jack is an intelligent pupil, but he lacks motivation.杰克是一个很聪明的学生,但学习不够主动.

motivationKK: []DJ: []n.1. 刺激;推动2. 积极性;干劲3. 行动方式http://www.baidu.com/s?lm=0&si=&rn=10&ie=gb2312&ct=1048576&wd=motivation&bar=3



Ayant de si bonne note en matiere francaise, c'est grace au effort et l'amour pour cet langue. Merci a vous!

What makes an original contributor in science is often not only ability, but also something else, something apparently intangible, and not easily detected. This extra something lies deeply within the individual and needs to be nurtured and tested.

What's the difference of never knowing at all?从来不知道又有何区别呢?When every step I take is always too small.我走的每一步总是被认为太小.Maybe it's just something I can't admit but lately,也许只是因为一些我不承认的东西,但是最近I

motivation有动力、动机的意思,moral motivation应该翻译为“道德动机”,即(做某事的)道德出发点.更确切的意思应根据上下文语境决定.

motivationKK: []DJ: []n.1. 刺激;推动2. 积极性;干劲3. 行动方式以上结果由 Dr.eye译典通字典 提供

motivation 英[mt'ven] 美[motven] n. 动机;动力 名词复数:motivations [例句]The second reason to share an ad is social motivation.分享广告的第二个原因是社交动机.


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