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Tao Ranting my home in the east of the park, I would like to be better looking. You can sit Road 66, Road 102, Road 14, Road 613, and so on. "Tai Ping" or "Tao Ran Bridge" stop. By the way, do not stop spent. If your distant family, you can

Doraemon哆啦A梦 Optimus Prime 擎天柱 Bumblebee大黄蜂 Ultraman奥特曼 SpongBob SquarePants 海绵宝宝(Bob是他的名字 音译成宝宝)

Hello .. I called Xiao-Ping Meng .19-year-old. From Hangzhou. Now to be faced with attachments. I am pleased to be able to met you. Although I English is not very good. But first it improvise improvise. your standard of English very good. I really envy. you feel it a bit like a foreigner. Ha ha

I would never struggle in love,for the scar is so deep in my heart.

亲爱的 我需要你 我爱你很久了(但是小朋友 这个语法有问题 系动词后面加情态动词就不对 I am very need you应该是I need you very much 我的翻译是对的)

Forget me~ I don't want to hurt you anymore You will always be in my mind,whom I have loved deeply Hope you will happy~

angels bring present backevery gift is a blessingHappy new Year, dear friends~

This is one of the world's most luxurious, most of the features of the hotel business. Including the Chinese buffet, Western-style buffet, and so on. We are ready to be delivered to your hotel and the helicopter service. Hotels can meet all your

First to you: recruitment information1: professor course: English speaking, writing, the USA today, English, etc2: Prelect object: the students who hase three years course at high school 3: to work twelve hours a week, choose three classes freely to teach, hold the post of English club

Shopping has already very easy now. In China , it can buy to doing shopping will use the ticket in the past! ! That getting complicated already now, may buy if go to the supermarket or shop! ! ! And can also be by the online shopping now. Facilitate


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