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梧爆兆各:Forever moreBefore we go to sleep tonight書匚壓厘断秘鋒岻念We'll say our prayers厘断繍畷技I'll hold you tight書匚厘勣啜宇低And kiss away the fears you hold inside you稜肇低伉嶄侭嗤議訊上So many years have passed us by厮将狛

Forevermore--Katie Herzig 嶄哂斤孚梧簡泌和:You could be my white Knight 低頁厘議易丗楠平 And I could be your fairy tale 厘頁低議湧三絞並 And you could come and save me 低栖屆照厘 But that is not the end 徽椎旺掲頁潤蕉 I will wear a white

梧爆兆:Forevermore梧返:Vic Damone廨辞:The Lively Ones/Strage Enchantment嶮わらないもの~Forevermore浪びも丑しみもない恍晩と苧晩の離いもない涙泙撲く扮の嶄で握しさも俳なさもない働(ただよ)ってきただけの暴鳩かな

梧爆兆:forever more梧返:tom browne廨辞:love approachpicture me broken - forevermoreall i feel is everythingi can't invent the words to tell youi never cared for anythingbut if you left i'd never let youi'd hold your heart inside a death griptill my

梧爆兆:Forevermore梧返:Martin Nievera廨辞:Best Wishes, Martin Nievera (A Wedding Love Song Collection)嶮わらないもの~Forevermore浪びも丑しみもない恍晩と苧晩の離いもない涙泙撲く扮の嶄で握しさも俳なさもない働(ただ

梧爆兆各:Forever moreBefore we go to sleep tonightWe'll say our prayersI'll hold you tightAnd kiss away the fears you hold inside youSo many years have passed us byI cherish the moments by your sideA love like ours will only grow much strongerI

喟垓仇, 冴消仇

To the point of access you, I'll always be ahead葎阻宣低厚除,厘悳頁虻遍姓化If you go without your joy, I'll chase you with my hands壓低低伉子吭絶扮,厘氏韮軟低議返Though the window you have been, you've always been in love軸聞低悳壓完円


Forever-The sins of thy beloved Way up at the mighty mountains deep into the woods we are gathered and we are back at las the night is ours Tonight our shadows dancing in the light of a fire this night is to be remembered this night we'll free our


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